Biomarkers, next generation sequencing, microarrays and bioinformatics
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Forensic genetics
The target of forensic analysis is to extract as much genetic information as possible from highly compromised samples. To pursue this aim, Genomix4life opened its new Forensic Genetics section, where Next Generation Sequencing is applied to forensic analysis.

Genomix4life comprises the experience, advanced protocols and instrumentation required to test and resolve human DNA profiles from a wide range of samples, including highly degraded, low quality or complex DNA mixtures.

Our customers have access a full range of forensic DNA testing and consulting services. Thanks to advances in genomics, phenotypic information in forensic testing is now a reality. Indeed, Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics are a perfect match allowing to gather much more information than traditional methods, with a significantly higher resolution.

NGS allows simultaneous analysis of over 200 genetic markers in a single test, including autosomal, Y- and X-chromosome STR targets, SNPs, biogeographical ancestry-informative SNPs (aiSNPs) and phenotypic-informative SNPs (piSNPs), including those that can provide information concerning somatic traits of an individual, such as hair and eyes color.
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